Homebrew is one of the most used pieces of software in the world and the project with the highest rate of contribution on GitHub. There is no handbook on how to create, cultivate and maintain something like Homebrew, but if there was one, Mike would be the one who wrote it.

Max Howell, 2013, creator of Homebrew


Mike is the rare actual “full stack” software engineer. He is familiar with servers and server details, databases, web services and protocols, and with front end design and implementation – with various languages and technologies. Basically he is an exemplary all around software engineer and he solves problems and gets things done, the kind of person you want in a fast moving technical environment.

Charlie Collins, 2013, coworker at AllTrails


KDAB is an internationally operating group of companies specializing in cross-platform software consultancy services. Mike has worked for KDAB as a software engineer on a variety of customer projects, as well as conducted Qt trainings on KDAB’s behalf. Mike has always shown utmost professionalism and great technical expertise. Of particular value were his permanent quest for self-improvement, both in his own continued education as well as in improving our internal processes and our services to our customers. He always kept the greater goals in mind, both the customers’ and KDAB’s, even when deeply involved in the day-to-day detailed work.

Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, 2012, my CEO at KDAB

Mike is a passionate and engaged software engineer, who combines remarkable technical skills with a great sense of professionalism. I have worked with him on multiple projects and he always exceeded all expectations, especially when it involved learning new domains and technologies. I also really enjoyed having Mike as a colleague, for his cheerful personality combined with being a great listener. I especially enjoyed our discussions around technical and non-technical subjects, and we shared many common interests and opinions. Mike is definitely more than just a programmer. He has a sharp sense of technology, business, and people. He’s an exceptional engineer who will be a key member for any team, and I’m definitely hoping to see our careers cross paths again in the future.

Romain Pokrzywka, 2012, coworker at KDAB

Mike is a broadly skilled and experienced software engineer with a passion for quality. Always willing to grow, he takes on new challenges and seeks out ways to improve himself and the things he works on. Working with Mike I have come to respect his great personal integrity as well as his technical abilities and recommend him with pleasure.

Till Adam, 2012, manager at KDAB

Mike is an expert software engineer with an keen eye for quality and efficiency. Becoming more and more proficient as a project lead, he grew to be a central team member in short time. I see Mike in a team lead or development management position in the near future, and wish him all the best for his future career.

Mirko Boehm, 2011, my manager at KDAB

Mike is a very knowledgeable and personable Qt trainer with an in-depth understanding of many complicated concepts in Qt.

Christian Karlsson, 2010, client at KDAB


Mike is a passionate and knowledgeable software engineer. At Mendeley he helped to setup the development procedure and coding standards for the desktop team, and was always was always happy to help out with server administration tasks.

Ben Dowling, 2009, coworker at Mendeley

Mike was our first employee and helped us a lot setting up the development team and structuring/optimizing development processes.

Paul Foeckler, 2009, my manager at Mendeley


Mike is a highly talented software developer skilled in many disciplines and has the ability to pick up new tools and technologies very quickly. He has a proactive mindset and the dedication to consistently produce high quality work, a pleasure working with.

Stephen Lynch, 2008, my manager at BT

Wolfson Microelectronics

Mike worked well above the level of a student software engineer whilst at Wolfson. He worked well within the Linux team and quickly learned aspects of Linux kernel driver development to complete difficult sections of a touchscreen driver.

Liam Girdwood, 2008, my manager at Wolfson Microelectronics

Mike worked in my team during his summer break from University. In that time Mike showed his versatility and ability to quickly understand problems by working in both the WinCE and Linux embedded audio driver groups. Mike was an asset to the group and the work that he did for both the WinCE and Linux drivers is out in the field being used by Wolfson customers. Mike is enthusiastic, bright and hungry to learn. His positive attitude help him to quickly integrate in to the software driver group.

Francis Bain, 2008, my manager at Wolfson Microelectronics