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Updated May 27th, 2024, from my home in Edinburgh, Scotland.


I left GitHub after 10 years in 2023 to start a company with two of my former GitHub coworkers. We’re building “the missing features and support for companies using Homebrew”. Right now this looks like better support for MDM systems and running Homebrew as a non-admin.

I’m having a great time. It’s definitely not always easy but it’s super rewarding to do a bunch of things I’ve never done before e.g. leading product, being a manager.


I continue to work on Homebrew and serve as the Project Leader. Homebrew turned 15 years old in May 2024 and I’ll have been maintaining it for 15 years in September 2024.


I gave up judo because I kept getting injured. I’m getting back into powerlifting. I do spin classes because some cardio is sadly necessary.


I’ve continued to try to avoid reading the news and social media and instead try to read books. I mostly read hard science fiction, space opera and the occasional bit of non-fiction.


I sadly pretty much never play or write music any more, I just don’t have the time. I still listen to a lot of music, mostly power metal, and have attended a few more gigs than I used to. I will now go in the mosh pit.


This is a method of relaxation that works very well with parenting because I can do it all at home. I’m mostly enjoying open world RPGs, Total Warhammer games and being an achievement completionist.


I’m healthy and happy. Finding a therapist has helped and continues to help.


My wife and children continue to be wonderful and important to me. I try to keep details about them off the internet but: ask me about them privately if you want to know more.


I have a cocker spaniel and recently got guinea pigs. It makes me happy and relaxed to stroke them.