I had the fortune of seeing Rendition on Friday night. Rendition is a film about the US extradition of suspected terrorists to prisons outside of the US where they can be legally tortured.

I found the film really enjoyable and thought provoking. The camera work was bordering on beautiful, loads of still shots perpendicular to flat, bland surfaces helping you to focus in on the characters. The acting was convincing enough but it was the direction and story that really dragged me in and made me think.

I find it completely abhorrent that in the supposedly civilised world of the 21st century politicians are willing to have people tortured to fight an invisible enemy. I find it doubly so that my country is willing to have these prison flights landed and refuelled on their soil and allow their citizens to be sent to places like Camp X-Ray to be tortured and abused without trial only to be simply released without any compensation on their innocence being decided.

Coming out the film made me sick to my stomach of the way the world is going as of late. Average people don’t seem to care that their liberties are being revoked and their country killing hundreds of thousands abroad in an illegal war we entered under deliberately false pretences.

The thing that saddens me the most is I truly have no idea what I can do. When faced with the power of governments, foreign wars and a populace who neither seems to notice or care I feel impotent and powerless.