Unity Against Terrorism

Britain again came under fire from Islamic extremists last week with attempted bombings in London and Glasgow. Thankfully no-one except the one of the perpetrators were hurt and their fairly inept attempts to disrupt and terrorise failed.

Two things have stuck in my mind when I finally heard the full story of events.

Firstly, I’m incredibly unthreatened by these terrorists. The sheer failure to cause any casualties in such crowded areas and the incompetence this shows is staggering. In my ignorant youth a close friend and I made “bombs” in his fairly large garden, as young boys tend to do. Our GCSE knowledge of chemistry allowed us to create explosions almost the size of his house, remotely activated with a radio detonator created from an old remote-controlled car. We were never harmed in these explosions and rapidly grew out of them. Considering these men who attacked Glasgow airport seemed to want to die in the explosion their sheer inability is made quite clear. This makes me a lot less intimidated by their attempted scare tactics.

Secondly (seemingly contradicting my first point), I’m amazed by the political response to these events. Both the Conservatives and Labour seem to be quick to call for “unity” and “bravery” against “terrorism” and “evil”. This political rhetoric makes me gawp. I could understand dodging the issues with the July 7th bombings when many people died but not now. No-one seems to be saying what everyone is thinking: “This wouldn’t be happening if we didn’t invade Iraq”.

I’m far from condoning the actions of the terrorists but we need to ask ourselves how many British casualties we are willing to accept to secure Iraq (read secure our oil supplies). This, in my mind, is another reason to push for renewable energy: to be able to have more self-reliant energy supplies without the need to have an aggressive foreign policy to protect our economic stability.

The worrying thing about this whole affair is that people within our country want to kill us to make us leave the middle east. How many British citizens or Iraqi civilians are going to be sacrificed before we try and get ourselves our of this situation?